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Political Science Reading Assignment: Agriculture and Animal Science

A collection of select books from various genres related to a Political topic.

Select Agriculture and Animal Science Books

Agriculture and Animal Science

Adequate food for all: culture, science and technology of food in the 21st century

338.19 AD35

American wasteland: how America throws away nearly half of its food (and what we can do about it) 363.7288 B623A
America's public lands: from Yellowstone to Smokey Bear and beyond   333.10973 W697A
Defending beef: the case for sustainable meat production 338.1762 N614D
Eat Drink Vote: an illustrated guide to food politics 394.12 N376E
Economics of food: how feeding and fueling the planet affects food prices 338.19 W527E
Fair food: growing a healthy, sustainable food system for all 338.1973 H469F
Four Fish: the future of the last wild food 333.956 G829F
Garbology: our dirty love affair with trash 363.728 H883G
In meat we trust: an unexpected history of Carnivore America 664.9 OG5I
Kosher: Private regulation in the age of Industrial food 338.47 L999K
Moveable feasts: from ancient Rome to the 21st century, the incredible journeys of the food we eat 382.41 M966M
One billion hungry: can we feed the world 338.16C769O
Pig Tales: an omnivore's quest for sustainable meat 338.47 ES81P
Predator paradox: ending the war with wolves, bears, cougars and coyotes 591.53 SH69P
Problems of plenty: the American farmer in the twentieth century 630.973 D746P
Raw milk revolution: behind America's emerging battle over food rights 641.302 G953R
Safe food: the politics of food safety 363.1926 N376S
Secret world of red wolves: the fight to save North America's other wolf  599.773 B392S
Seeds for the future: the impact of genetically modified crops on the environment 631.5233 T384S
So rich, so poor: why it's so hard to end poverty in America 339.46 ED27S
Something to chew on: challenging controversies in food and health 338.19 G356S
Untold story of milk: the history, politics and science of nature's perfect food 641.302 SCH55U
What to eat 613.2 N376W
Wild Ones: a sometimes dismaying, weirdly reassuring story about looking at people looking at animals in America 333.954 M77W
Wine wars: the curse of the blue nun, the miracle of two buck chuck, and the revenge of... 338.4 V631W
Yellowstone wolves: a chronicle of the animal, the people and the politics 333.959 Ur1Y