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Political Science Reading Assignment: Health Sciences

A collection of select books from various genres related to a Political topic.

Select Health Sciences Books

Health Sciences

America and the pill: a history of promise, peril and liberation 363.96 M451A
Aids: between science and politics 362.1969792 P659A
Airbrushed Nation 051.082 N334A
Big fat crisis: the hidden forces behind the obesity epidemic -- and how we can end it 362.1963 C66B
Big squeeze: a social and political history of the controversial mammogram 618.19 R334B
Childhood obesity in America: biography of an epidemic    618.9239 D321C
Combat-related traumatic brain injury and PTSD: a resource and recovery guide 616.8521 L422C
Contagion: how commerce has spread disease 614.4 H247C
Cut it out: the C-section epidemic in America 618.86 M834C
Do you believe in Magic? the sense and nonsense of alternative medicine 615.5 OF2D
Embryos under the microscope: the diverging meanings of life  612.64 M281E
Fat blame: how the war on obesity victimizes women and children   616.398 H431F
Five days at Memorial: life and death in a Storm-Ravaged hospital 362.11 F495F
Haunted by combat: understanding PTSD in war veterans 616.8521 P285H
The hot zone 614.57 P926H
How to build a better human: an ethical blueprint 174.2 P372H
The Human right to health 362.1 W832H
Hyperactive: the controversial history of ADHD 616.8589 SM62H
Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks 616.0277 SK45I
In the kingdom of the sick: a social history of chronic illness in America 362.196 ED97I
Killer fat: media, medicine and morals in the American "Obesity Epidemic" 306.4613 B633
Pot, Inc.: inside medical marijuana, America's most outlaw industry 615.952345 C152P
Radiation: what it is, what you need to know 363.179 G131R
Something to chew on: challenging controversies in food and health 338.19 G356S
The tough luck constitution and the assault on health care reform 344.73022 K839T
Undead: organ harvesting, the ice-water test, beating-heart cadavers 616.078 T272U