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Political Science Reading Assignment: Women's Studies

A collection of select books from various genres related to a Political topic.

Select Women's Studies books

Women's Studies

Abortion: the clash of absolutes 363.46 T731A
Airbrushed nation 051.082 N334A
Alice Paul: equality for women 324.623 L971A
America and the pill: a history of promise, peril, and liberation 363.96 M451A 2010
Big Squeeze: a social and political history of the controversial mammogram 618.19 R334B
Cut it out: the c-section epidemic in America 618.86 M834C
Gender, Whiteness, and power in rodeo: breaking away from the ties of sexism and racism 791.84 P278G
Generation Roe: inside the future of the pro-choice movement 363.46 ER29G
Handmaid's tale 813.54 AT96HA
Helga's diary: a young girl's account of life in a concentration camp 940.53 W436H
I am Malala: the girl who was shot by the Taliban 371.822 Y88I
Jane Addams: spirit in action 361.92 K745J
Poverty, battered women, and work in U.S. public policy 362.8292 B838P
Pro: reclaiming abortion rights 363.46 P764P
Rebellious life of Mrs. Rosa Parks 323.092 T342R
Reproductive politics: what everyone needs to know 363.96 SO449R
Soldier girls: the battles of three women at home and at war 956.7044 T398S
Understanding abortion: from mixed feelings to rational thought 363.46 SCH966U
When she woke 813.6 J763W