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Political Science Reading Assignment: Native American Studies

A collection of select books from various genres related to a Political topic.

Select Native American Studies books

Native American Studies

American Indian occupation of Alcatraz Island: red power and self-determination 365.9794 J637A
Indian blues: American Indians and the politics of music, 1879-1934 780.89 T758I
Misplaced massacre: struggling over the memory of Sand Creek 978.8 K299M
Nation to nation: treaties between the United States & American Indian Nations 342.7308 H225N
Native America and the question of genocide 973.0497 AL863N
Native American identity in sports 305.897 SA31N
Ojibwa warrior: Denis Banks and the rise of the American Indian Movement 977.004 B226O
Rez life: an Indian's journey through reservation life 323.1197 T726R
Tribal policing: asserting sovereignty, seeking justice 363.2089 L971T
Uniting the tribes: the rise and fall of pan-Indian community on the Crow Reservation 978.6004 R997U
Yellow dirt: an American story of a poisoned land and a people betrayed 979.1004 P268Y