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Political Science Reading Assignment: Criminal Justice and Law

A collection of select books from various genres related to a Political topic.

Select Criminal Justice Books

Criminal Justice

Addicted to incarceration: corrections policy and the politics of misinformation in the United States 365.973 P889A
After the crime: the power of restorative justice dialogues between victims and violent offenders 364.68 M618A

Against all enemies: inside America's war on terror

363.325 C556A

Against security: how we go wrong at airports, subways and other sites of ambiguous danger

363.325 M738A

American Indian occupation of Alcatraz Island: red power and self-determination

365.9794 J637A

Back from war: finding hope & understanding in life after combat

959.7043 AL54B 2007

Beauty bias: the injustice of appearance in life and law

346.7301 R346B

Black against empire: the history and politics of the Black Panther Party

322.42 B623B

Capital punishment on trial: Furman V. Georgia and the death penalty in modern America

345.730773 OS4C

Collapse of American criminal justice

364.409 ST958C
College for convicts: the case for higher education in American prisons 365.666 Z79C

Command and control: nuclear weapons, the Damascus accident and the illusion of safety

363.1799 SCH39C

Convicting the innocent: where criminal prosecutions go wrong

345.73 G192C

Criminal justice in Native America

305.897 N554C

Death by government

364.151 R865D

The divide: American injustice in the age of the wealth gap   

303.372 T131D

FBI's obscene file: J. Edgar Hoover and the Bureau's crusade against smut

363.2597 C38F

FDR's Ambassadors and the diplomacy of crisis: from the rise of Hitler to the end of World War II

973.917 M453F

Free to die for their country: the story of the Japanese American draft resisters in World War II

940.53162 M913F

From the closet to the altar: courts, backlash, and the struggle for same-sex marriage

346.7301 K655F

Ghost wars: the secret history of the CIA, Afghanistan and Bin Laden from the Soviet invasion to September 10, 2001

958.1045 C683G
Guns across America: reconciling gun rules and rights 323.43 SP496G

Hanging Man: the arrest of Ai Weiwei

709.2 W439H

Human right to health

362.1 W832H

Internet child pornography: causes, investigation and prevention

363.47 W899I
Just mercy: a story of justice and redemption 353.48 ST481J

Kids, cops and confessions: inside the interrogation room

363.25 F332K

Living with guns: a liberal's case for the Second Amendment

323.43 W611L

Locked down, locked out: why prison doesn't work and how we can do better

364.6 SCH27L

Napalm: an American biography

355.8 N293N

Ordinary injustice: how America holds court


Plague of prisons: the epidemiology of mass incarceration in America

365.975 D84P

Poverty, battered women and work in U.S. public policy

362.8292 B838P

Punishment and inequality in America

365.973 W525P

Reload: rethinking violence in American life

306.0973 ST81R

Right to be parents: LGBT families and the transformation of parenthood

346.73017 B21R

Rise of the warrior cop: the militarization of America's police forces

363.20973 B199R

Stonewall: the riots that sparked the gay revolution

306.766 C245S

Terrorism TV: popular entertainment in post-9/11 America

791.4572 T139T

To the end of June: the intimate life of American foster care

362.733 B37T

Trial of the Haymarket Anarchists: terrorism and justice in the guilded age

345.7302 M563T

Tribal policing: asserting sovereignty, seeking justice

363.2089 L971T

Unequal under law: race in the war on drugs

345.7302 P949U

War letters: extraordinary correspondence from American wars

355 C236W
Weed the people: the future of legal marijuana in America 362.295 B235W

When prisoners come home: parole and prisoner reentry

364.8 P442W

Yellowstone and the snowmobile: locking horns over national park use

363.68 Y72Y