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NWCCD Libraries

Kooi Library (Sheridan) & Daly Memorial Library (Gillette)

Political Science Reading Assignment: Poli Sci and Government

A collection of select books from various genres related to a Political topic.

Select Poli Sci and Gov't books

Poli Sci and Government

Adams vs. Jefferson: the tumultuous election of 1800 973.46 F384A
Air wars: television advertising in election campaigns, 1952-2004 324.73 W521A2005
American Creation: triumphs and tragedies at the founding of the Republic 973.3 EL594A
American epic : reading the US Constitution 342.7302 EP75A
Amistad rebellion: an Atlantic odyssey of slavery and freedom 326.0973 R248A
Anarchism: a beginner's guide   320.57 K622A
Audacity of hope: thoughts on reclaiming the American dream 973.0496 OB1A
The bill of the century: the epic battle for the Civil Rights Act 342.73085 R492B
The birth of modern politics: Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, and the election of 1828 973.55 P254B
Black, white, and Brown: the landmark school desegregation case in retrospect 344.73 B561 2004
Catastrophe 1914: Europe goes to war 940.311 H279C
Cheap meat: flap food nations in the pacific islands 394.12 G337C
Colin Powell: a political biography 327.73 P871
Common sense and the American crisis 320.81 P16C2
The Constitution: an introduction 342.7302 P285C
Decision points 973.931 B963D 2010
Democracy in the Digital Age: challenges to political life in cyberspace 324.0285 W649D
Drawn to extremes: the use and abuse of editorial cartoons 070.4 L165D
Dying for Joe McCarthy's sins: the suicide of Wyoming Senator Lester Hunt 978.7 M459D
Elections of 2004 324.973 EL25 2005
The European Union 341.242 EU74
FDR's ambassadors and the diplomacy of crisis: from the rise of Hitler to the end of World War II 973.917 M453F
The Founding Fathers reconsidered 973.3092 B458F
Frugal superpower: America's global leadership in a cash-strapped era 327.73 M312F
Gatewary to freedom: the hiden history of the underground railroad 973.7115 F732G
The GI Bill: a new deal for veterans 355.00973 AL799G
Give us the ballot: the modern struggle for voting rights in America 324.62 B456G
God in the corridors of power: Christian conservatives, the media, and politics in America 322.10973 R956G
God's own party: the making of the Christian right 322.10973 W671G
The half has never been told: slavery and the making of American capitalism 306.362 B229H
How change happens -- or doesn't: the politics of US public policy 320.6 K127H
How democratic is the American Constitution? 342.73 D137H
The iguana tree 813.6 ST72I
John Quincy Adams: American visionary 973.55 AD18K
Illegal: reflections of an undocumented immigrant 325.1 N1I
Industrialization and the transformation of American life: a brief introduction 338.0973 R259I
In 100 years: leading economists predict the future 330.9001 IN62
Intelligently designed: how creationists built the campaign against evolution 231.7652 C31I
"It's your misfortune and none of my own" : a history of the American West 978 W585I
Leviathan, parts one and two 320.1 H652L
Liberty's first crisis: Adams, Jefferson, and the misfits who saved free speech 973.44 SL11L
Living with guns: a liberal's case for the Second Amendment 323.43 W611L
Mandate madness: how Congress forces states and localities to do its bidding and pay for the privilege 336.73 B439M
Mongrels, bastards, orphans, and vagabonds: Mexican immigration and the future of race in America 973.0468 R618M
Monopolists: obsession, fury and the scandal behind the world's favorite board game 794 P647M
More women can run : gender and pathways to the state legislatures 320.082 C236M
Myth of American diplomacy: national identity and U.S. foreign policy 327.73 H642M
Never quit the fight 355 P442N
Object Troy: a terrorist, a president and the rise of the drone 363.325 SH184O
Our declaration : a reading of the Declaration of Independence in defense of equality 973.313 AL53O
Our kids: the American Dream in crisis 305.513 P983O
Partisan journalism: a history of media bias in the United States 302.230973 K969P
Plan of attack 973.931 W871P
Political writings of John Locke 320.1 L793P
Presidency of George W. Bush: a first historical assessment 973.931 P926
The prince and the discourses 320.1 M25
Privacy in the modern age: the search for solutions 323.448 R742P
The revolutionary constitution 342.73029 B632R
Revolutionary summer: the birth of American Independence 973.3 EL594R
Scorpions: the battles and triumphs of FDR's great Supreme Court justices 347.7326 F333S
See how they run: electing the president in an age of mediaocracy 324.973 T217S
The Sellout by Paul Beatty 813.54 B38S
Serpentine wall: the winding boundary between church and state in the United States 322.10973 H242S
Six amendments: how and why we should change the Constitution 342.73 ST47S
Sorrows of empire: militarism, secrecy, and the end of the Republic 355.0213 J63S 2004
Strange justice: the selling of Clarence Thomas 347.73 M452S
Supreme power: Franklin Roosevelt vs. the Supreme Court 347.73 SH591S
Surge: my journey with General David Petraeus and the remaking of the Iraq War 956.7044 M318S
To the flag: the unlikely history of the pledge of allegiance 323.65 EL59T
The tough luck constitution and the assault on health care reform 344.73022 K839T
Trial of the Haymarket Anarchists: terrorism and justice in the Gilded Age 345.7302 M563T
United States and the origins of the cold war, 1941-1947 327.73 G116U
War on the Bill of Rights --and the gathering resistance 323.4 H398W
Weapons of mass diplomacy 741.5 L297W
Who freed the slaves? : the fight over the Thirteenth Amendment 342.73087 R392W
Why Europe matters: the case for the European Union 353 M459W
A world of trouble: the White House and the Middle East from the Cold War to the War on Terror 327.73 T971W
A world on fire: Britian's crucial role in the American Civil War 973.72 F761W
Zimmermann telegram: intelligence, diplomacy and America's entry into World War I 940.3112 B634Z