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Supplemental resources for students to achieve academic success.

Spring 2022

Welcome to the Tutoring Center at Sheridan College!

Academic support services are FREE for enrolled students

Open Mon-Thurs: 8am-8pm, Fri: 8am-4pm

Please check our online scheduler below for tutor availability.


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  307.675.0220  |  Kooi Library GMB 160

Q & A - Tutoring at Sheridan College

WHO?  Students enrolled in Sheridan College courses
WHAT?  Free, personalized 30- to 60-minute sessions with a subject specialist
WHEN?  Monday through Friday
WHERE?  On campus in Kooi Library OR Online via Zoom
WHY?  Deepen your understanding of the subject matter and many other reasons!
HOW?  Set up an account, make an appointment, attach docs, & attend your session

Tutor Appointments & Schedule

Make an Appointment

Click the link above to register an account or login to our appointment system. Choose the Tutoring Center schedule and "Limit to:--please select--" to find a tutor for your subject area. View availability and book an appointment for 30 or 60 minutes.

Online sessions are conducted via Zoom: access the link by clicking on your appointment time.

  • Attach a copy of your assignment to the appointment form if this will be helpful to tutor
  • Bring your textbook and related materials to session
  • Face-to-face sessions take place in Kooi Library (or the Music Theory classroom or Piano lab)

Review "How to Make an Appointment in SC Just ASC (Updated)" on the SC Just ASC "Welcome!" page for details on how to make an appointment.

Online Academic Assistance

NetTutor is an online national tutoring service accessible through a link in Canvas. Tutoring is available in most subject areas during posted hours. (If you don't see NetTutor in the left side Canvas course menu, ask your instructor to enable it.)

Khan Academy is a website offering personalized learning at your own pace through free lessons and practice in multiple subject areas. Set up a free account to get started at

Spring 2023 Schedule

Kooi Library Tutoring

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