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NWCCD Libraries

Kooi Library (Sheridan) & Daly Memorial Library (Gillette)

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Contact Us

Kooi Library - Sheridan College
Phone: 307-675-0220

Daly Library - Gillette College
Phone: 307-681-6220

Kooi Library Staff

Boule, Michelle
Director of Library Services, Sheridan College
Phone: 307-675-0223
Office: GMB 104

Richards, Lanelle
Reference, Research, Cataloging
, Tutoring and Writing Center
Phone: 307-675-0222
Office: GMB 163A

Daly Library Staff

Adler, Diane
Director of Library Services, Gillette College
Phone: 307-681-6221

Griffis, Samantha
Circulation, Cataloging, ILL
Phone: 307-681-6220